Friday, January 13, 2012

During the Christmas/New Year holiday Eloise didn't stop working. In between shopping trips and parties, she kept up with all of her schoolwork, except science.
 Her curriculum comes with all of the tools and non-consumable items (i.e. goggles, scales, magnets, etc..), so yesterday I had to go to Wally World and gather a few things for her to catch up.
We will be posting more pics as soon as we complete some of the projects.

P.S. Eloise wanted you all to see her new messenger bag (on right w/ pink glasses). It is a Hara Juku Mini bag that she got for Christmas. She also got a shirt featuring all of the characters and two Hara Juku folders.

Living & Learning,
Miss Riya & Eloise.

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  1. Fun! I want to come to your school! What science curriculum are you using?