Monday, October 22, 2012

I Guess This Counts as Home Ec....

I'm not really sure how to classify
 going on her first hunting trip,
 or eating her first squirrel. 
Maybe she can get some credit for taxidermy!?!

 This is definitely "Home Ec."
I am so proud of Eloise
 for teaching herself
 how to make wonderful crafts
 out of yarn.
I bought her a bunch of knit and crochet 
stuff a long time ago,
but I forgot about it.
The other day she dug it out.
After working feverishly for a couple of hours 
she excitedly presented me with a tan hat.

 Eloise wore the hat to P.J.'s, 
but decided that it fit Bro. D 
so she came home and added ears and hair.

We also took a couple of my students 
on our first official field trip of the year.

Local college students volunteered 
 at our Children's Museum
It was a science fair of sorts.

K.G. over at Absolute Hodgepodge
 introduced us to "oobleck"
but I wonder if she has ever seen what happens 
when it is placed over a vibration box.
Think worms, snakes, & primordial ooze . . .

. . . forming a conga line.
I love having my own blogs.