Thursday, January 19, 2012

Field Trip

Hubby Principal C. and I took Eloise to a cooking class tonight.
She is pictured above helping the chef to prepare Vietnamese spring rolls.

 Sorry, we were so busy eating that we almost forgot to take pics of the food. The Roasted Vegetable Medley was gone and this Braised Balsamic Chicken was half way finished when I realized I hadn't taken a picture. Everything was very flavorful.

Eloise had fun. We got to sample some delicious food. We also learned why San Marzano tomatoes (the ones from Italy not California) are superior in taste and better for your health.

All of this was free of charge.
A local grocery chain (ROUSES) offers these cooking classes, once a month, in some of their locations.
The idea is to raise awareness about a variety of uncommon items that the store carries. The owners realize that people are more likely to buy something if they have tasted it and know how to prepare it. 

After Class we were able to talk to Chef Nino of  Friends of Italy.
He is easy going and it's obvious he loves cooking and being with people.
We found out that his personal business is located in Houma. He said he is about 5 min away from downtown Houma. 


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  1. Well sounds like yall had a lot of fun and got to eat for free as well!!! Awesome, gonna go check out his website.