Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally...Round Two

We are well into our second year of homeschooling.
 Unfortunately, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties, so I haven't posted on the school blog at all. I also haven't been very diligent about taking pics, but here are a few that I did manage to snap.

The above is our official uniform for the new year.
The pic isn't a close-up,
 so you may not be able to see the hydrangea blossoms cascading from her right shoulder.
Each cluster has a little sequin in the middle. 
It is mainly worn for outings and field trips.
I think choosing her own combination is Eloise's favorite part of homeschooling.

For math, social studies, and science we have purchased the k12 curriculum.
She loves it, therefore I love it.
Last year was difficult for several reasons,
 but I believe the switch to k12 has made a huge improvement.
The assignments are very hands on (as seen in the above photo) 
and they are a good bit more challenging.
Another thing we like is the fact that the assignments are varied. 
She logs in to her subject and reads a few screens
 that usually have illustrations, diagrams, games, and links to other resources.
 She then has to leave the computer and refer to her text books, 
do a project or experiment,
 and then do workbook pages or journal about her experiences.
She also has access to many clubs that are moderated by teachers.
 Right now she is a member of the German club, 
because she is doing Rosetta Stone German.

 Above and below: our newest student.
Miss Bianta (Bianca)
Is a part time preschool student/
full time sweetheart. 

Eloise & Bianta feeding the ducks.

Eloise at our local farmer's market.

 Above & Below: Daddy/ Daughter Field trip.

Below: our duds for the harvest party.

Now that I am able to post again, 
I will try to be more punctual.

P.S. By the time you read this I probably will have also updated my other blog.

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