Monday, October 22, 2012

I Guess This Counts as Home Ec....

I'm not really sure how to classify
 going on her first hunting trip,
 or eating her first squirrel. 
Maybe she can get some credit for taxidermy!?!

 This is definitely "Home Ec."
I am so proud of Eloise
 for teaching herself
 how to make wonderful crafts
 out of yarn.
I bought her a bunch of knit and crochet 
stuff a long time ago,
but I forgot about it.
The other day she dug it out.
After working feverishly for a couple of hours 
she excitedly presented me with a tan hat.

 Eloise wore the hat to P.J.'s, 
but decided that it fit Bro. D 
so she came home and added ears and hair.

We also took a couple of my students 
on our first official field trip of the year.

Local college students volunteered 
 at our Children's Museum
It was a science fair of sorts.

K.G. over at Absolute Hodgepodge
 introduced us to "oobleck"
but I wonder if she has ever seen what happens 
when it is placed over a vibration box.
Think worms, snakes, & primordial ooze . . .

. . . forming a conga line.
I love having my own blogs.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Science Camp...

Eloise & Her Science Teacher
contemplate the 
distillation process.

As the steam rises from the pot
it travels through the foil tube,
where it is cooled by ice.
The cooling causes the gas to return to a liquid state.

Eloise had to repeat the experiment with different liquids and record her findings.

Camp has come and gone, so Eloise fills her days with swimming, violin & piano practice, crafts, and yes...
Science Camp.

Thank You  A.L.
for patiently teaching Eloise.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keeping it Fun....

Eloise has always been an active little thing.
It is difficult to keep up with her!

This is the first time we actually timed her...

25:37 & 31/100
minutes:seconds &100ths
(any challengers?)

When it comes to P.E.,
I never have to worry.
My girl is always on the move.
Eloise has even started
 making healthier eating choices.
I didn't tell her to do it,
she just decided that she was going to help me,
because she is aware of all the illnesses 
that we are genetically prone to.

Way to Go.
We are proud of you Eloise.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Latest Change....

Some may recall that Eloise was taking Violin for a while, then she wanted to switch her main instrument to the Cello, because there are fewer cello players and because she prefers the sound. Her conductors wife(at GNOYO) was going to teach lessons, but decided that she needed to focus on her small children, so she cancelled her classes. Initially Eloise was teaching herself some of the basics, but really needed some instruction. I haven't been able to find anybody locally, so her cello has been collecting dust. 
Fast forward ..... We recently added piano to our list of courses. She loves it. We will continue with her violin lessons as well. Our sponsors(Gran&Grandpa Corp.) are trying to get us to add drums to the mix, but I think we'll stick with what we've got for a little while.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Field Trip

Hubby Principal C. and I took Eloise to a cooking class tonight.
She is pictured above helping the chef to prepare Vietnamese spring rolls.

 Sorry, we were so busy eating that we almost forgot to take pics of the food. The Roasted Vegetable Medley was gone and this Braised Balsamic Chicken was half way finished when I realized I hadn't taken a picture. Everything was very flavorful.

Eloise had fun. We got to sample some delicious food. We also learned why San Marzano tomatoes (the ones from Italy not California) are superior in taste and better for your health.

All of this was free of charge.
A local grocery chain (ROUSES) offers these cooking classes, once a month, in some of their locations.
The idea is to raise awareness about a variety of uncommon items that the store carries. The owners realize that people are more likely to buy something if they have tasted it and know how to prepare it. 

After Class we were able to talk to Chef Nino of  Friends of Italy.
He is easy going and it's obvious he loves cooking and being with people.
We found out that his personal business is located in Houma. He said he is about 5 min away from downtown Houma. 


Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Latest Science Activities....

 Changing Properties: compounds & mixtures
(i.e. Chex mix is a mixture, but this slime is a compound)

For those of you who requested the recipe, it is at the end of this post.

 In the above activity, Eloise was able to observe the alcohol separating the compound found in a Sharpie marker. Notice the two lines of pigment traveling up the strip of coffee filter in the left cup. The right cup contains only water. There was no observable change.

Below: Eloise had to build models of atoms using gumdrops.
After they were constructed, she was then able to use them to form models of Chemical Equations.

Stay tuned for more pics as we work our way through the second half of this school year.


1 bottle white glue
1 tsp. Borax (powder in box by laundry soap)
food coloring (any color)
2 Large plastic Party Cups
3 wooden craft sticks (like ones in pic. above)
measuring cups & spoons
tap water

1.)measure 1/4c glue & pour into 1 of the cups.
2.)measure 1/4c water and pour in w/glue.
3.)mix w/wooden stick very well until smooth. If you wish to color your slime add a few drops of food coloring at this point and stir.
4.)In a second plastic cup measure 1c. water.
5.)add 1 tsp. borax to c. with water. Stir with new craft stick till Borax is dissolved.
6.)carefully pour the Borax solution into the glue solution stir with last clean craft stick.
note:initially the slime will be very stringy. Pick it up and squeeze/knead till some of the liquid drains out. Dump extra liquid. Repeat as needed. Store in a zip-lock bag.

living & learning,
Miss Riya & Eloise

Friday, January 13, 2012

During the Christmas/New Year holiday Eloise didn't stop working. In between shopping trips and parties, she kept up with all of her schoolwork, except science.
 Her curriculum comes with all of the tools and non-consumable items (i.e. goggles, scales, magnets, etc..), so yesterday I had to go to Wally World and gather a few things for her to catch up.
We will be posting more pics as soon as we complete some of the projects.

P.S. Eloise wanted you all to see her new messenger bag (on right w/ pink glasses). It is a Hara Juku Mini bag that she got for Christmas. She also got a shirt featuring all of the characters and two Hara Juku folders.

Living & Learning,
Miss Riya & Eloise.