Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keeping it Fun....

Eloise has always been an active little thing.
It is difficult to keep up with her!

This is the first time we actually timed her...

25:37 & 31/100
minutes:seconds &100ths
(any challengers?)

When it comes to P.E.,
I never have to worry.
My girl is always on the move.
Eloise has even started
 making healthier eating choices.
I didn't tell her to do it,
she just decided that she was going to help me,
because she is aware of all the illnesses 
that we are genetically prone to.

Way to Go.
We are proud of you Eloise.


  1. I won't even try to touch that number! I would fall out dead! Hula Hoopin' is one of my most favoritest things to do. No Joke! I've considered for a long time buying one of the adult weighted ones. Maybe I just will soon....

  2. Wow! That's impressive! I have a girl in Sunday School that can hula hoop and it looks like she barely moves her hips. She only looked like she was moving when the hula slowed down. lol

  3. I would take her up on the chalenge but first I need a hula-hoop (mom...hope your reading this..hint hint..) lol Sencond thought mabey I shouldn't take her up on it, I'd problable make it only up to 10 minutes!! :) HA HA!!