Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Latest Acquisition.....

Now Eloise can put her contact lenses to good use. She loves her new microscope, but I don't think she  realizes how blessed she is. I remember my microscope. It was plastic and only had a cheap mirror as a light source. This one is the real deal. So far she has only viewed the 45 prepared slides that it came with and watched the instructions on, "How to Prepare Slides".  Hopefully next week she will be able to view her own blood cells and  skin cells!

Just A Note About Our Progress:

We have had many challenges this year. I have thought about taking a different course of action, but the benefits of homeschooling have outweighed the cost. I don't know if this will always be the case, but it is for us....for now. Most of my homeschool friends will agree that it isn't right for every family or every situation. At the moment, my daughter is growing closer to her father and I. Also,we feel that she has been afforded many opportunities that she would not have in the public school setting (i.e. swimming with dolphins, real art projects, flexibility of schedule, and hands on science). I will admit that there are days that I feel like pulling my hair out, but when I stop and think about it, I realize that I had plenty of those days during the 6 years that she was enrolled in school. Hmmm...I'd better think of a better way to vent my frustration or I'm gonna be bald before the teen years even hit! LOL.

We can still say that, because this is our school and our blog.


  1. Right there with you, sister! I'm not sure if it's a first year homeschooling thing, a homeschooling an only child thing or what, but yet we travel on. :) Email me if you ever need a sounding board. <3

  2. No Kelly, it's just a general homeschooling thing. Happens to all of us. lol!

  3. You're inspiring me to get a new microscope! Will have to put it on my list.

    Hang in there ;) Will be praying for you & your family! The first time around homeschooling for us was hard. Later (after sending her to public school for 3 years) I realized that the way I approached homeschooling just wasn't the right method for us. We needed a different approach. I was trying to do "school" (just like it would be at school) at home using the traditional workbook method. This time around I knew I had to be more flexible taking a more relaxed approach allowing them to pursue their interests.

    This time around is so much more enjoyable for us! I don't feel stressed like I was before. Not sure if this helps you at all- but just thought I'd share my experience :)