Friday, September 10, 2010

Learning Through Living...

Eloise & Carmacita had a wonderful time building a playground for children who otherwise wouldn't have a safe place to play.

 Eloise quickly made friends with one of the recipients and got him involved in the project.
Here they are pictured preparing to paint a hop-scotch.

 These "Kaboom" projects are truly amazing.
Volunteers from HOME DEPOT and other companies arrive in the morning and are assigned to a team. By the end of the day the whole park is assembled. This one contained a "fleur de lis" shaped garden, a covered patio, picnic tables, four square, 4 hop scotch stations and a mulched playground.

Besides all of the work the girls enjoyed eating a free lunch from Subway and hamming it up with local celebrities.

We tried to give the children light jobs like painting, but they wanted to help haul the mulch.

 Mulch is one of the jobs that Hubby usually gets to do. It is hard work!

 I will have to take a picture of the finished project the next time we go across the river.
 While we were exploring Florida's Emerald Coast, Eloise was able to conduct a couple of experiments.

 She used this bottle to produce a few drops of fresh water from the salty ocean water.
She also used a magnet to find magnetic flecks in the sand.

 Of course she had to search for shells...

 ...but some of them weren't vacant.

 After researching "hermit crabs" on the net, we discovered that these guys do not survive well in captivity.

Eloise decided to return him to his natural habitat. We then purchased another domesticated hermit crab to play with the one we originally bought to accompany the wild one. Contrary to popular belief, hermit crabs are actually very social creatures and don't do well alone.

This vacation was very timely; as we were studying animal classification and habitats.
Eloise also received hands on training about dolphins, but you will have to check out those pics on her blog.

Also, don't forget to check out her latest book review. 


  1. We bought a hermit crab on vacation too (brings our count up to two - Lizzie and Scarlett.) We got a couple for Rayne and Martin, too. Ha. Must be the year for crab pets.

  2. i want one too! no fair! oh well i got something better, A CAT! woohoo! three cheers for samson!